The Airport

You are interested in Sheffield as well as its City Airport? You want to find out more about this small airport – strictly speaking you are searching for some historical facts considering both its opening and closure? Just have a look at this article which comprehensively treats the subject of ‘Sheffield City Airport’.

Fact is that Sheffield City Airport was a small airport in Sheffield (South Yorkshire, England). The airport was opened in 1997 and officially closed eleven years later – strictly speaking on 30 April 2008. In return, Sheffield got a new airport named Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

Considering the general subject of airports it has to be said that high and profound airport security has turned out to be very important in the last few years. This is the reason why so-called airport employee background checks are always becoming more and more intense. Fact is that background checks have proven to be obligatory because of the development and successful implementation of stricter guidelines. Although the Sheffield City Airport represents a very small airport, both airport employee and general airport background checks were also carried out there. If you are interested in the topic of so-called background checks you can also have a look at the website, which will inform you about a wide range of different types of background checks.

In former times it was not necessary and strictly speaking not common to do employment background screening within airports. Nowadays, however, security standards have intensified and widely tightened. Especially the general airline industry requires high security – this because of the fact that aircraft are often ‘victims’ of kidnappings. In other words: Job candidates within the airline industry, strictly speaking those that are seeking a position of trust or a position that requires high security, have to undergo a background check. In this context it has to be mentioned that background checks are actually administered and carried out by a government agency. In other cases it can also be a private company that assumes the implementation of background checks. The results of background check do generally include interesting facts and data considering aspects such as past employment verification, criminal history, employment qualifications, know-how and skills, potential, personal character and experiences.

By the way: Personal data including know-how, essential skills and profound experiences within the airline industry are not as important as the general criminal background check. Furthermore it has to be mentioned that if you want to work for an airport or an airline industry in the United States of America you will be asked to submit or hand in a police as well as an FBI background check. Sometimes they will also request an employment background screening.